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Review - Shopgirl

I really really wanted to love this movie. It looked interesting, cute, funny, clever; it just looked great and I was so excited when I first saw the previews.
I rarely go to the theatre and this was one I wanted to see for sure.
I can’t say enough good things about Jason Swartzman - I think he is just awesome, a genius, beautiful, he’s amazing. And he was FOR SURE the best thing about this movie.

The idea of Steve Martin (in his 50s) dating Claire Danes (in her early 20s) was just creepy. The premise of their relationship (he was only dating her to sleep with her, yet she was in love with him) just made it gross and even unbelievable compared to how their characters interacted with each other.
Jason Swartzman is the goofy loser that wants to date Claire. He has some really great scenes toward the beginning that led me to believe if he continued to be a major part of the movie - I would be happy. I probably would have loved the movie.
Then he leaves on tour with some random band and you see 15 seconds clips of him here and there, while you’re TRYING to be engrossed in this boring, stupid relationship that Steve Martin and Claire Danes are suppose to be having. He’s got all this money, she has none. He refuses to sleep at her place because she’s bascially in poverty. He’s trying to convince himself and everyone else that he really doesn’t care about her, yet he really does. She’s in love with him, even though he could be her dad. Funny what money can do.
Jason Swartzman shows up at the end, rescues her from the old man and all is well again.
I don’t know. It was a very UNreal situation, unbelievable and pretty lame.

There was narration by Steve Martin - which was unnecessary AND annoying. I laughed and shook my head at it because it was so excessive. Especially at the end.

I was disappointed, bored, upset and annoyed. It was not a very good movie, and not worth the ticket. Wait for video and don’t expect much.


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